I recount my personal history, desires, and fears through drawings. Images become stylized and personal through my lens. I am interested in giving my drawings and words a place to live that provides more life than a piece of paper. For the past five years, that place has primarily been handbuilt, earthenware pots. Working with functional forms allows the drawing to exist in someone’s home in a casual way, inserting my world into her everyday life subtly, under her eggs in the morning, or adorning her cup of tea. My work is full of characters that are stand-ins for me and the people around me. They are the result of current pop culture obsessions, time spent in the natural world, research of historical vessels, and respect for my favorite artists, named or unknown, in the history of art. I am always thinking of ideas of wild and tame, the search for security in nature, and the nuances of femininity. I’m interested in straddling the line between funny and sad. Handbuilding means I don’t use the pottery wheel and the pieces show their imperfections, adding to the intimate, humble, and secret-sharing experience of my work.